PASE – Waste Paper Separator


Cardboard screening or fine screening, that is the question here. Two different tasks – one machine!
The Paper Separator PASE can be used in waste paper sorting for separating paper and cardboard as well as for fine screening.

Cardboard Screening:

Cardboard boxes are conveyed to the overflow due to their size, and the remaining smaller material is discharged through the screen openings.

Fine screening:

The deinked material is transported to the end of the machine, fines (problematic impurities) are sorted out through the screen openings. The result is the improvement of the deinking quality.

Sorting system with unique crankshaft and robust interchangeable bearings, available in several widths and pad lengths, with easily adjustable screen openings, can be used for coarse and fine screening, variety of variants for every application, throughput rates up to 45 t/h and all this at low operating costs.

Throughput rates:

  • PASE S (single deck): up to 16t/h
  • PASE D (double deck): up to 30t/h
  • Pase T (triple deck): up to 45t/h




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