CANYON B17H-1 / B21H-1 – Bag opener

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Optimum and uniform material feeding is a mandatory prerequisite for the optimum and thus economical operation of a plant. However, the packaging of waste in bags prevents this. Bags of waste are simply not sortable or recyclable.
For this reason, the opening and emptying of bags is mandatory. Our bag opener CANYON B meets this requirement 100%.

The H2PRO CANYON series is available in two versions due to a fully modular design. For use as the first machine in the process and for feeding via wheel loader, excavator or crane, the variant with upstream bunker with up to 40 m³ storage volume is ideally suited.
Use within the process and thus integrated into the conveyor system is realized by the CANYON B1 variant with feed hopper.

The CANYON B1 combines machine and control construction in a compact and robust machine with the longest service life. The universally configurable bag opening unit is embedded in a robust frame. Equipped with powerful hydraulics and state-of-the-art control technology, the CANYON B1 can handle any application. With individually adjustable program parameters and extensive diagnostic options, including long-term recording of operating data, the machine offers more than any other bag opener on the market.

All known opening systems combine strengths and weaknesses. They are well suited for one application and only with restrictions or not at all for another application. This situation was taken into account in the development of the CANYON B1 and a freely configurable opening system was developed.

For light-duty applications or low throughputs, a drum with hydraulically pretensioned combs on both sides is used, which opens bags in both directions of rotation. Automatic reversal of the direction of rotation reliably prevents wrapping of long parts.

For the heaviest applications, the double-segment drum with two drives and up to 45 kW drive power is used. Close to the shredder concept, the machine thus withstands even large contaminants without damage. Here, too, hydraulically pretensioned combs are used on both sides and guarantee the best bag opening results even with difficult material.

A solution is also available for small bags from 2 l volume and the highest demands on opening quality. Here, the multi-segment drum with hydraulically pretensioned combs on one side is used.

For economical operation, all drum and comb variants are available with both welded-on or optionally replaceable teeth and special wear coating.


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