BASE – Ballistic Separator

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Universally applicable – best separation results: H2PRO BALLISTICS SEPARATOR

Three sorting criteria “in one fell swoop”: At the beginning of the operation, material types of very different types are present together. One operation later, small and large, flat and rolling, heavy and light materials are found separately from each other.

The triage is done in just one step!
Conveyed up an inclined plane, they obey a ballistic trajectory or slope downward force: Rolling and dimensionally stable bodies are rejected at the front of the machine, flat and unstable materials migrate over the incline to the rear of the ballistker, and fines are screened out to size.

Our BASE series ballistic separators process light packaging (LVP, DSD material), household and commercial waste, and also construction and demolition waste.A whole range of machine types and sizes is available. This wide range of variants means that we have the right machine for every application.

There are 3 different series available:

BASE L (Light)
The standard BASE L variant is suitable for separating packaging waste (LVP/DSD), single stream, PET bottles and plastic fractions, among others.

BASE M (Medium)
The reinforced BASE M variant is suitable, among other things, for the separation of abrasive and moist materials such as household waste, biowaste and industrial waste.

BASE H (Heavy)
The heavy-duty version of the BASE H is designed for the heaviest of applications. The robust design allows use in heavy industrial and commercial waste, mixed construction waste and all other abrasive materials.

Adapted to the quantity to be processed, different machine widths and lengths are available in all series.


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