CANYON D – Bunker System

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Universal – modular – robust: H2PRO feed and metering hopper

Process-compliant storage of input material is the first step towards efficient waste recycling. Stored with the best possible use of space, storage/ and hopper systems are used for material stockpiling for sorting and feeding systems. A modern plant requires not only flexible storage (buffering), but also uniform metering of the material.

These were the basic ideas in the conception of the bunker system. The bunker can be individually adapted to your operation by modular design. The storage volume can be expanded at any time by adapting additional modules. The basic module contains all the essential components of the drive and the control system. The robust and low-maintenance moving floor system conveys the material. The optional downstream connection of a metering drum ensures optimum metering and quantity limitation for the downstream processes. The mat thickness can be defined exactly.


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