Universally useable – best sorting quality: H2PRO Ballistic Separator H

The H2PRO BASE H (heavy) is the toughest of them all. When conditions are tough but materials nonetheless need to be sifted ballistically, our premium product is the right choice. Almost all materials can be processed with this Ballistic Separator, whether you need to sort household waste, commercial waste or construction / demolition waste – incomparably efficient and robust for best results!

Why ballistics instead of screening by size?

By using a Ballistic Separator, the mixture of materials can be sorted into coarse, bulky parts and flat components. A sieve fraction can also be generated. Depending on the nature of the material, it is possible to achieve sorting purity of up to 98% at a throughput of up to 100 m³/h.

Like the Ballistic Separator L/M, this machine also features our proven, eccentric crankshaft, which is fitted with modular double eccentric bearings, making it ideal for use in this demanding field of application. Along with the use of the most long-lasting, durable steels for the machine’s frame, paddles and screen meshes, this guarantees a service life that is unsurpassed, with the lowest of operating costs.

Input material / usage:

  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Industrial and commercial waste
  • Household waste (single stream, commingled Material)
  • other heavy waste
  • DSD material (light packaging waste and PET)
  • Recovered paper

Your advantages:

  • high throughput with best separation results, sorting quality up to 98%
  • can be used for materials that are difficult to screen
  • constant separation quality over the entire service life
  • matching accessories / optional additional equipment available
  • easily adjustable to different materials
  • low operating costs
  • Simplified maintenance through central lubrication


  • rugged machine design for durable application
  • unique Eccentric-Crankshaft for unsurpassed functionality, with rugged changeable double-bearings
  • Crankshaft carrier for an optimal accessibility for maintenance
  • Variety of variants for every operation purpose, sieve area from 11 – 17,5 m2
  • several types available, with 6 or 8 sieve paddles at each machine
  • machine frame, paddles and sieve mesh consists of wear resistant steel

Throughput: up to 100 m3/h

Maximum single unit weight: 30 kg


  1. The loaded material is placed on the paddles in both vertical and horizontal conveying motion. The material is mixed thoroughly by vertical acceleration, ensuring good sieving capacity.
  2. Through the connection between the different gradability (ability to overcome inclines during conveyance) and the differing ballistic behaviour, the material for separation in the machine can be affected by the angle of the incline. Rolling, dimensionally stable bodies, bottles and other hollow objects adhere to the ballistic principle and are “shot out” of the machine at the front side. (3D/heavy fraction).
  3. Foils and other unstable parts migrate to the machine overflow (back side) dependent on their ability to climb (2D/light fraction).
  4. Fine-Material falls through the sieve meshes


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